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When you're preparing a vacation, sabbatical or other long-term set of travel plans, you want to know that your home is being seen after with care. Our leisure house watch service makes it so that you can enjoy peace of mind for as little as $30 a trip.


We'll take the appropriate steps to ensure that regular upkeep is maintained, and address any issues that arise during your time away. We can also monitor employees such as landscapers, housekeepers, or service company staff.



A watchful eye for your property - rest easy!

Services include:

• Pet and plant care

• Restock cupboards / refrigerator

• Collecting mail, packages, and newspapers

• Starting vehicles

• Setting / monitoring thermostats

• Running dishwasher, sinks, and showers/flushing toilets to prevent dry traps

• Inspecting building for indoor or exterior leaks / storm or water damage

• Checking windows for damage or tampering

• Monitoring for insect or rodent infestation

• Landscape lighting and automatic sprinklers


Cut-rate prices on luxury



Get reliable house

watch services


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